Société des arts technologiques [SAT] Richard Reed Parry Quiet River

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Satosphère, 1201 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal

Show 7 pm Dates Nov 13-17 and Nov 20-24 age13+ The Quiet River of Dust is an immersive live concert, based on the namesake solo album, conceived by Richard Reed Parry, the polymath multi-instrumentalist at the heart of Arcade Fire. It features a collection of songs uniting elements of Richard's previous work with the folk music aesthetics of his childhood, and elements perhaps overlooked in his career so far - exploring gentle, quiet and hypnotic corners of the world of sound. It includes the dense instrumental and orchestral textures of Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre, as well as the boundary-pushing intimate instrumental work of his neoclassical compositions Music for Heart and Breath.

Richard works with the SATosphere team to perform these brand new songs in a sonically and visually immersive dome environment. The experience will completely surround and absorb the audience into the breathtaking musical universe of The Quiet River of Dust.